Diary entry V, 
Sparkle with Kindness! - In this interview with Ashley, author Lisa Barrickman shares the tools to create a ripple effect to impact your neighbors, family and friends with intentional acts of kindness! 
Diary entry IV, 
Shine bright Sparklers! - 1 million diapers for needy in New York, virtual date nights, cupcakes, mask tree  ... and more!
Diary entry III, 
Go Sparklers go! - a 7 yr old's fundraiser for PPE, #wholehearted90,
feeding the hungry in India ... and more!
Diary entry II, 
Inspiration from Sparklers! -Surprise driveway art, Kids' lunches,
Hearts for Healthcare Workers ... and more!
Diary entry I, 
Amazing Sparklers! - Food shower, a Drive-by birthday, Musical tributes, Fine china, Cards ... and more!