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A Sparkler in Australia shared an uplifting story titled "How police won hearts with cakes, songs and sacrifice." It features acts of kindness carried out by police in her native country of India. She writes, "I’m pleased to say, am sharing with a gladdened heart and with immense pride. Considering how - lowly paid they are, - the long hours they work in the scorching sun, - dealing with difficult people, - performing tasks they were never trained to do, - the immense pressure they work under... they have stepped up to the challenges and how! They have laid those initial mishaps to rest and gained the trust and goodwill of people. Hats off to these wonderful men and women who are laying down their lives (figuratively, and sometimes literally) for their fellow countrymen. So proud of them. God bless them!

Please pray for them, treat them well, and please spare a word of appreciation for them as often as you can."

Here, you can read more about those acts of kindness carried out by police, including cakes, songs and sacrifice:

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