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#wholehearted90 - VIRAL OVER VIRUS

"In a time when this virus is causing us to contract and live in fear, we get to choose to live in expansion and hope. The#wholehearted90 challenge is a way to make hope and wholeness go viral worldwide. Every person infected with Corona is expected to pass it on to 2 or 3 others. We can go viral and overtake the Coronavirus with hope and resilience if each person tags 5 friends we join them. Every day for 90 days, we will choose to live wholehearted ... no matter what. @martin.seligman says that there are 5 characteristics that help people thrive: 1.) Positive Emotions 2.) Engagement 3.) Relationships 4.) Meaning 5.) Accomplishment We can incorporate these into our days, making a free choice to foster more creativity over consumption, connection over isolation, and gratitude over fear. Symptoms of wholehearted living? You feel more ALIVE!!! . How to do the#wholehearted90challenge: 1.) Take a picture of some way you are living wholehearted every day for the next 90 days 2.) Share on social media, IG, FB, Tiktok 3.) Tag 5 friends to nominate them to join you 4.) hashtag#wholehearted90for us to share and support you!! Need some inspiration? I will broadcast videos or dm me for ideas of how to live wholeheartedly. . Let’s make wholeness and hope go viral." From Ashley Crouch.

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