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Sunil Menon in Bangalore, India had a dream to distribute 1000 meals a day to feed slum dwellers, immigrant workers and the homeless. He contacted his friend Pradeep for help and another friend Rahul, owner of the restaurant Punjabi Rasoi in Indiranagar, who said he was willing to cook meals for the poor. They got the required police permission and immediately this initiative became a reality after friends and family pitched in to become partners to FEED THE HUNGRY. On 30th March 2020, their first day, they fed 500 people . Since then they've have scaled up to full capacity of the restaurant to 1500 meals a day . THE EXPENSES: 1500 persons x Rs25 /- per day = 37,500/-( includes a bottle of water)

= $500 USD per day to feed 1,500 starving people

Contact us through this website - - for information on how to donate to FEED THE HUNGRY.

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