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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

"In the Jewish community of Los Angeles, where synagogues are closed and communal prayer has moved to online platforms such as Zoom, individuals are finding ways to be of service. They’ve formed networks to deliver food to the elderly and home-bound, support struggling kosher businesses, and help those worried about how to maintain Jewish traditions." Los Angeles Times They are also working to support Kosher restaurants, caterers and event planners.

Also, a fund was begun by JCrisis Response to "sponsor kosher meals and/or groceries for needy families in the community affected by the COVID 19 crisis. Some are seniors others are  unemployed  families facing a financial or a medical crisis and need food to feed their now homeschooled children, ill spouses or elderly parents. 100% of  the money  (less gofundme fee) will be used to purchase gift cards from our Kosher establishments and  kosher supermarkets. Let’s make sure that seniors, needy and vulnerable members of our community have kosher meals!!!"

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