Dream Partners

Sparklers helping Sparklers reach their dreams.


Dream Partnering

Reaching dreams through accountability

Accountability is a secret of success according to Pearson’s Law — when performance is measured, it improves; when performance is measured and reported, it improves exponentially.

We encourage Sparklers to reach for success by taking what we call a "dream partner." This means choosing someone you trust. Telling them your dreams. Making goal milestones together. Through accountability email appointments, you help each other reach those milestones of success. 

Research shows that having an 

accountability "dream partner" increases your chance of success to 95%. Why not give your dreams a chance? 

Need a Dream Partner?

Seize the Opportunity

Join our network of global Dream Partners. Simply let us know that you need a partner or would like to be one. We'll take care of the rest. You can connect across the miles by email. We'll also send you tips for using Dream Partnering effectively to reach success.

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How to Fill the Time? 

Time is the stuff that life is made of.

The tragedies and inconveniences caused by the COVID-19 crisis are too many to count. But the reality is that people all over the world are staying home to help fight the spread. 

So, what to do with all of that extra time at home? We invite you to join a group of Sparklers who are using the time to tackle those "someday" projects and to grow themselves. 

Image by Filip Mishevski