Brighter Corners

Intentionally creating Light

The spheres we live in just got smaller. And the challenge is: how can you make your "little corner of the world" a better place to be? Starting with family, your neighborhood, your society, your country, the world?  Here are some ideas to get started ... 

Help a Neighbor

Supermarket "runs" don't exist right now. They have become "journies." When you're taking that trip to the store, what can you pick up to help your elderly neighbors? Be sure to follow all hygiene and safety precautions.

Call Ins

Make a list of people you know who might be especially suffering right now - they're lonely, ill, confused, or live in a difficult situation. Set aside times to do "call-ins" and check on them.

Suprise them! 

Who doesn't love surprises? Think about how you can bring some sunshine to your family at home or your neighbors - perhaps it's leaving a spring plant on the stoop or putting a note in the mailbox, or ordering a special delivery. Be sure to always use proper health and hygiene precautions.

Outdoor Concert 

Share your talents with your neighbors and bring smiles to their faces. Step onto your porch or throw open your windows and let it rip! Invite your neighbors to listen from their own homes.

Get Old-Fashioned

Start an on-line card sending campaign to your friends and loved ones far away ... and those close to home!


Give a message of hope to the outside world by hanging inspirational messages on banners outside of your home or on signs in your yard.

Renew Relationships

This difficult time has reminded so many of the value of family and friends. Take the time to reach out to people you've been meaning to. Maybe it's time to forgive someone. Or to forgive yourself.

Don't stop Socializing

Take it digital! Host a tea party, cocktail hour or lunch chat with your friends and family on-line.



Engage & Inspire


5 Simple Steps

1. CARVE out 20 minutes without distractions

2. GRAB a notebook and pen

3. JOT down your answers to these questions: 

Who is in your Sphere of Influence?    

  • From isolation, who are the people you can still touch? Your family? Your neighbors? Your city? Your country? The world?

  • What might be their intellectual, emotional, spiritual or physical needs right now?

  • What are your needs now and what are you capable of giving?

What are your ideas for Brightening Corners? 

  • What projects/activities/actions can bring light to the people in your sphere? 

How to put ideas into action?  

  • What supplies do you need? What kind of support? Do you have the time, money & energy? 

  • Is it possible to do this in a way that is completely safe to you and others and follows all health decrees?

4. PRUNE. You might have a long list of ideas for Brightening Corners. Now, go through that list and narrow it to what is realistic to fit into your life.      

5. SCHEDULE these activities into your day