Fairy Lights


A network spreading light in the darkness

Sparklers' Diaries movements are the antidote to fear, panic, and confusion caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

We provide support to help you become a Sparkler: a source of Light and Good when the world needs it most.

Find resources and ideas here for how to start a Sparklers' campaign from your home today. 

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A movement of intentionality during crisis.

How can you make your new sphere a better place to be?



What's your dream?

During the COVID-19 crisis you may have some unexpected time on your hands. Follow these easy steps to make this time productive and to make you a better you and this world a better place.

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Get in touch and let us know how you or people in your area are sparkling light in your corner of the world. We are filling the Sparklers' Diaries with your stories to ignite more Sparklers all over the world!

Join the ripple effect of Light! 


Share the Sparkle! 

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